[AusNOG] Dark Fiber/SDH in East Brisbane

Sean K. Finn Sean.Finn at ozservers.com.au
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Wellington road is very well lit, and intersects Stanley street on the
corner of the Gabba


>From looking in some of the pits, I can tell Uecomm, Aapt, Nexgen, Pipe
and Telstra all have run's going down Wellington road, and many connect
back to a pit on the corner of Stanley and wellington Road, and theres a
fairly big pit that runs 1 street back from Stanley street behind the
Substation next to the Gabba.


If you can hook into the pipe dark fibre, that should get you back to
127 Creek J


Otherwise, managed services from any of the other providers may be able
to give you a fat enough private pipe for similar/reasonable cost.





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(I posed this from another account a few days ago, so I'm not sure if
anyone received it - if they did, I apologize for crossover.)




Do any providers have any unlit fibers on Stanley Street, East Brisbane?
If so, do any providers have multiple paths, terminating either at iSeek
or 127 Creek?


If SDH is available, are any providers willing to provide us with
protected capacity between these locations? (Redundancy is a must, this
is for non-consumer backhaul.)


Thanks for all the people that emailed be back RE transit in the PIPE
datacenter in Brisbane - my apologies for the delay, I am slowly getting
to you as things come together!










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