[AusNOG] Multiple Delegates to AusNOG

Stephen Baxter Stephen.Baxter at staff.pipenetworks.com
Tue Nov 6 08:41:38 EST 2007


If you are a person or organisation who has registered multiple
delegates coming to AusNOG but not yet told the organisers of who those
people actually are then could you email:

rt-delegates-01 at ausnog.net

as we need these names ASAP.

All assistance appreciated.

Also below is the delegate information for those people, while we REALLY
DO need their names and email addresses please see below for the
delegate information:


    Information for delegates version 1.0

(Please note that you may receive this email again as a reminder, if the
information has changed we will increment the version number to let you
know, we do not anticipate any great changes).

The organisers of AusNOG wish to thank all of those who have registered
for the inaugural Australian Network Operators Group meeting to be held
in Sydney on the 15th and 16th of November at Harbourside Shopping
Complex, Darling Drive, Darling Harbour, Sydney.

Contact Information

Being network operators we have done two things that will we hope help
coordinate any questions or requests you have of us, we have started an
RT queue and also a mailing list to contact all delegates with updates.
If you have any questions you need answered regarding the conference
then please send an email to 
rt-delegates-01 at ausnog.net. The mailing list we will use to push out
updates and will be controlled so that only the organisers can use it.


The conference registration will begin at 0830 on the 15th with the
first session starting at 0900. All delegates will be able to pick up
their delegate pass from the conference front desk outside of the main
conference area at any time during the conference. This will include
free entrance to all planned social events for the conference. Any
delegate who requires a tax invoice will be able to be issued one at the

 A full program will be released in the coming days, at this stage
please see http://2007.ausnog.net/program for the current program. The
conference covers two days with the first half day being network general
and last half day being the National Peering Forum that has a peering

Social Event

At the conclusion of the first day there will be light food and drinks
made available at the conference venue itself. Just after that will be a
social event sponsored by PIPE Networks at the Sydney Aquarium from 1900
until late, all delegates are invited. You must be a delegate of
AusNOG-01 to attend.

Please RSVP separately for the social event rsvp at pipenetworks.com to
ensure that correct catering can occur. 

Dietary Requirements

If anybody who will be attending AusNOG-01 has special dietary
requirements please contact rt-delegates-01 at ausnog.net and let us know
so we can best cater to your needs.


The venue location can be seen from http://tinyurl.com/2nxpda . The
Location is the red drawing pin, the social event and some nearby hotels
are also marked on that web page. Once inside Harbourside it is one
up, there is an escalator within 50m of the door marked by the red
pin on the above, take this and you will be at the venue.


Parking is available in the Sydney Exhibition Street just to the south
of the Harbourside complex.


If you have not already booked a hotel then the following link may be of
use to you. It is for the travel website Wotif for the Darling Harbour
area - http://tinyurl.com/2gzpcw

If you have any questions about what is required then please contact the
organisers by emailing rt-delegates-01 at ausnog.net and once again we
thank you for your support in making AusNOG-01 a great success.

AusNOG-01 Organisers
Steve, James and Dave

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