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Noel Butler noel.butler at ausics.net
Sun Nov 4 09:35:08 EST 2007

Hi Steven,

On Fri, 2007-11-02 at 23:41, Steven Haigh wrote:

> >> http://pigeonsnest.co.uk/stuff/crapstuff/sorbs.html
> >
> > I guess that lamer wont like all my sendmail milter-regex configs  
> > then that do a better job blocking dynamic wankas than any RBL,  
> > however I've found SORBS to be very useful  and Matthew always very  
> > approachable, I guess the turd that runs that site, has been caught  
> > out doing norties therefor deserves to be where he is and his lil  
> > dummy spit more or less proves it :)
> I'm not so sure about that.... a few years ago I had a /23 of mine  
> listed on their dynamic user/host list. This was a real concern to us  
> as none of our customers ever had dynamic IP addresses. It also  
> effectively shut off our mail system from the rest of the world as the  
> block was the majority of our IP space.

We too have been there, my understanding was the script that ran and
"found" the ranges was flawed (but later corrected) it IIRC looked for
anything that something that resembled end/home users in it, no Idea if
they still use this format (my case was about 2 years ago)

> We suffered a similar fate to the author of the web page... We were  
> told we wouldn't be removed from their list. The quick fix was to move  

The issue we had was with a guy called Matt, he was/is rude and arrogant
and more anal than I am :)  However that Matt was not Matthew Sullivan,
after getting that twits response I forwarded it to Matthew S in private
email and my problem was resolved within hours.
I had previous to that had a productive lengthy phone call with Matthew
S because of listings of our ranges used by our business customers
and how to avoid them being "caught" by SORBS automated scripts. 

> days - and just try explaining the whole SORBS concept to angry  
> customers ;)

Been there before :)

> After about a week or so, SORBS realised their error and removed our  
> entry, however I have to say that any dealings I had with them were  
> rude and extremely unhelpful - even to requests such as "Hi, we  

Yep sounds like that other Matt is/was still there :) As above I've
always found Matthew Sullivan very approachable and helpful.

> Thankfully, I haven't seen SORBS screw up like this in a while, but  
> you don't really appreciate how bad it is until you're on the  
> receiving end of a SORBS blocklist due to an obvious error. While I  

I and senior management had no problem with our "home users" being in a
DUL, the only problem was the business ranges, oh and 
we did have one of our MX's in the SORBS blacklist once, for nearly 2
months that was what more or less  led to the call I had from Matthew S.
He was rather helpful in providing us the info as to who the twit users
was that kept getting that MX blocked, once we found out what he was
doing, I was surprised more were not blocking that MX.


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