[AusNOG] Powertel/AAPT Colo

Bevan Slattery Bevan.Slattery at staff.pipenetworks.com
Sat Nov 3 08:02:43 EST 2007

Not to be too much of an alarmist here, but we just saw Powertel's first
shot across the bow with respect to colo and cross connects.  Apparently
the AAPT colo product person is now doing Powertel colo product.  They
have just recently pushed us their service schedule for colo and it has
a 'third party cross connect fee' of $300 install and $300/month.  It
seems like the genius' at AAPT are bringing their industry 'know how'
over to Powertel.
So I think it's fair to say that Powertel colo will start becoming the
same as AAPT colo, meaning unfriendly to all except Powertel/AAPT.
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