[AusNOG] Transact and grapevine can see our network

Shaun Ewing s.ewing at aussiehq.com.au
Thu Nov 1 16:45:27 EST 2007

I can get to that IP ( fine from our AS24557 - both via AS7718 (TransACT - albeit with a very long path) and via AS4739 (Agile).


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Hi -
We have some clients claiming that they can't see our network (ie their web
sites hosted with us), but it's very hard to get them to do any tests to
work out what could be happening here.

They use www.transact.com.au  and www.grapevine.com.au ISP. We're AS24381
and a test IP

Any help/ pointers would be appreciated.

Guennadi M
Fast Hit

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