[AusNOG] Transact and grapevine can see our network

Matthew Moyle-Croft mmc at internode.com.au
Thu Nov 1 16:36:34 EST 2007

Have you at least done a traceroute to www.transact.com.au?
If you telnet to www.transact.com.au does it connect?
I can get to TransACT just fine, but I peer with them in Canberra.


Guennadi M wrote:
> Hi -
> We have some clients claiming that they can't see our network (ie their web
> sites hosted with us), but it's very hard to get them to do any tests to
> work out what could be happening here.
> They use www.transact.com.au  and www.grapevine.com.au ISP. We're AS24381
> and a test IP
> Any help/ pointers would be appreciated.
> Thanks.
> Guennadi M
> Fast Hit
> www.fasthit.net
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