[AusNOG] The Elephant in the Room

Bevan Slattery Bevan.Slattery at staff.pipenetworks.com
Thu Nov 1 07:47:44 EST 2007

> >8. To ensure that any FttN monopolist does the 'right thing' will 
> >government make it a "Condition Precedent" that any FttN monopolist 
> >must first provide FttN services to all of the portion of 98% of 
> >Australia not currently being serviced by competitive 
> carrier ADSL/HFC 
> >infrastructure BEFORE they get access to the areas which 
> have? Surely 
> >you must agree those who are currently living without need to be 
> >serviced before those who have?
> I question the use of the word "all"

That was a reference to senator Conroy 98% of Australian's getting FttN.
So if 40% of that 98% didn't have FttN (and under his plan will), then
make sure they get it first before you do the remainder.  It was never
intended that the remaining 2% would get it.  That's what sat is for.



PS:  You would need to cover 83% of Australia to get the remaining 2%


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