[AusNOG] Broadband Connect Chaos - ISP's Shutting down?

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Broadband Connect Chaos - ISP's Shutting down?
Hi Skeeve

I don't know how Hel$tra could put in a claim for $60M  .   To do that they would have needed to have connected 38961 customers in the last 45 days and not have exceeded the 60% funding cap that applies to them.   If Hel$tra has lodged a $60 M claim then it needs to be checked, and notified to the broader community in an open and transparent way.

Yes there was $20M there 2 days ago,  $10M today.    This would mean that BC would have had to have of had 3030 high incentive level claims in 2 days.   This is all very sus.   Almost impossible

Somewhere we are not being given the correct info in the correct timeframe.  Or BC have not kept tags on the money they have paid out and are covering their tracks by 1 announcement after another. 

I read from a government report 3 days ago that BC was burning $9M per month.  

Someone has not done their job

I had a service extension which I lodged on the 3rd of December that was not approved even though it was waiting for delegate approval for more than 3 weeks.  It had passed all the silly checks and balances, but BC wouldn't sign off on it.

The $20 M   notification should have given at least 6 weeks notice.  It looks like it will be less than 6 days

Someone in BC needs to explain what has gone on.   Transparency has not been a strong point at BC for a couple of months now.  Most if not all emails that come from them come with a generic signature.   It is always a worry when you see that happening.  It suggests that someone is aware of the shi* hitting the fan and no one wants to be responsible.  It is much easier for staff at BC to deny they sent any such email if they are signed generically.

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  Hey all, 

          While the news has been all rosy about the new $162.5 million for the new Aust broadband Guarantee programme, it is not exactly as would seem.  The Australian article http://australianit.news.com.au/articles/0,7204,21349928%5E15306%5E%5Enbv%5E,00.html has a bit more meat in it about the real situation.

          Something that wasn't mentioned was the reason for the funds depleting early. I've heard rumours to the effect that Telstra are behind the sudden depletion of the Broadband Connect fund with a $60million claim. 

          I have also heard in various reports that two Broadband Connect funded ISP's have either shutdown and/or fired all their staff, as well as others ceasing installations and considering their options - especially since the new funding may not be available till after May.

          If anyone knows which ISP's are shutting down/firing staff. can you please let me know privately as there are some groups who are looking for information to consider how they might respond to the government.

          I think that with this realisation, it wont be long (days - once the dust clears) before the media starts to really understand that it may be months before any customers in regional areas may be able to commence their installs/rollouts.  This obviously has a massive trickle-down effect on hardware supplies, cash flow, installers and ultimately end customers.

          Any thoughts? 

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