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Skeeve Stevens skeeve at skeeve.org
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Fwd... hmmm definitely an interesting idea - perhaps even something to
promote at the conference if someone (who knows about it) wants to push it -
even worth a 5 min talk about it.


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Hi Steven,

Steven Haigh wrote:
> Did these guys ever get off the ground?
> I've been thinking about trying to do a push to get things up and  
> running properly including VoIP system using AS numbers for direct NOC  
> contacts etc...
This actually already exists;

Having said that if your focus is Australian I have no idea how many 
Australians are actively subscribing to this.

I know that WAIA (http://www.waia.asn.au) had a big push a while back 
including giving out Cisco VOIP phones to get hooked up to INOC DBA, but 
I don't think alot of the people are still making use of them.

Would be nice to see a push to get it going again, TBH I found it 
*really* hard to get going with INOC, partly due to their slow and 
confusing web interface - I have to date not got my calls going through 
INOC correctly, and i've spent a few hours fiddling with it.  Best 
effort may be to focus around getting more .au actively onto INOC-DBA.


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