[AusNOG] Datacenters Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane

Stephen Baxter Stephen.Baxter at staff.pipenetworks.com
Fri Sep 29 14:40:01 EST 2006

> I'm currently reconsidering where I'm telehoused.
> My criteria is 
> - some where with decent power and air conditioning.
> -- knocks out AAPT 530 collins Melb, and AAPT 123 Eagle Bri.

100 Wickham Street, if what I got told by two friends at Networkers this
week is having its share of issues as well.

> - TWE Zone 1.
> -- Knocks out Equinix and Nexgen
> - Carrier neutral
> -- Knocks out Primus King St, Powertel Clarence St Syd, & Flinders St.

We have found Powertel to interact very well with other carriers at all
their facilities.
Powertel seem to respect the Act they have their powers under and grant
access as per the law without hinderence. They have a procedure but to
this date we have seen no issues.

> - Variety of bandwidth suppliers.
> -- I'm guessing that this knocks out PIPE, King St, Melb.

Unless you include :

- Primus
- Powertel
- Telstra

We have no space left in there as well so it does really knock it out.

> - fibre access (Uecomm).
> Accordingly I'm guessing 
> Melbourne - 190 City Rd, South Melb.
> Sydney - Global Switch, Ultimo

Yep - we have a suite (with more to follow) in there and can get you
hooked up.

> Brisbane - Maybe PIPE?

We have some room left, even more once some current customers move their
gear out.

Contact Jai McAulay (Jai.McAulay at staff.pipenetworks.com) for more



> What do people think?
> Cheers 
> Michael Bethune
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