[AusNOG] Datacenters Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane

Michael Bethune michael.bethune at australiaonline.net.au
Fri Sep 29 14:25:49 EST 2006

I'm currently reconsidering where I'm telehoused.

My criteria is 
- some where with decent power and air conditioning.
-- knocks out AAPT 530 collins Melb, and AAPT 123 Eagle Bri.

- TWE Zone 1.
-- Knocks out Equinix and Nexgen

- Carrier neutral
-- Knocks out Primus King St, Powertel Clarence St Syd, & Flinders St.

- Variety of bandwidth suppliers.
-- I'm guessing that this knocks out PIPE, King St, Melb.

- fibre access (Uecomm).

Accordingly I'm guessing 
Melbourne - 190 City Rd, South Melb.
Sydney - Global Switch, Ultimo
Brisbane - Maybe PIPE?

What do people think?


Michael Bethune

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