[AusNOG] Pipe Networks pullout from AAPT Datacentres - what now?

Stephen Baxter Stephen.Baxter at staff.pipenetworks.com
Sat Sep 23 08:01:55 EST 2006

Just in general I would say to any ISP:

- that locating your business with any organisation that operates in a
non carrier neutral fashion is a bad way to go;

- you will limit yourself for choice in a whole range of areas;

- any operator who sees their co-lo merely as means to get more revenue
from other service (which is fine) but relies on the fact they can get
extra revenue to make the co-lo facility operate at an appropriate
commercial level will potentially act in the worst interests of their

Guys - get to neutral facilities that allow other carriers to enter,
offers cross connects to people on reasonable basis that should include
licensed competent operators installing the cables. I am sure we can all
recount stories of data centres that have turned into rat's nests
because the operator had a free for all policy at one time.

PIPE can help you - contact us.

This is a bit like the APNIC IP address medicine that all ISPs have to
take some stage - it is expensive and tastes a little bitter at first
but is better in the long run.



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> Hey all, 
>         I presume this is not news to those who use Pipe 
> services in an AAPT datacentre, so I want to put the question 
> out there....
>         What are people going to do about it?  I mean, other 
> fibre carriers to get to Pipe? Move to another DC? Etc etc 
>         I am involved with half a dozen ISPs located in AAPT 
> who use Pipe for a variety of services, and I am wondering 
> what to advise them.
>         ...Skeeve 
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