[AusNOG] Comindico SPTEL dial DNS issues

Daniel danielt at 314.net.au
Sun Sep 17 20:35:07 EST 2006

Hi Tim,

I should be able to help you with WCG.

Please drop me a line at danielt at 314.net.au.


PS: Forgive the double-post if anyone got the first one.

Lists wrote:
> Hi All
> Does anyone on the list know anyone at SPTEL that has any knowledge of how
> to set up DNS?
> I have been trying to get WCG Wholesale communications group to escalate an
> issue with the SPTEL DNS but neither WCG or their contact in SPTEL seem to
> have any idea with regards to how to setup DNS.
> SPtel have setup reverse dns entries for some of their dial ports that 
> don't
> match the forward entries. All attemps to have this looked at over the last
> couple of weeks has only received dumb responses.
> One such example is
> Forward entry
> Name:    dialup-
> Address:
> Reverse entry
> Name:
> Address:
> It seems to me that both WCG and SPTEL don't seem to see this as an issue.
> However it is for a whole range of email issues
> Regards
> Tim
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