[AusNOG] Weekly Routing Table Report

Philip Smith pfs at cisco.com
Sat Apr 22 18:23:21 EST 2006

Skeeve Stevens said the following on 22/4/06 11:43:
> Did you send this 3 times? Or am I on three lists that get this ;-)

Erk, I hope it didn't get sent three times. Certainly doesn't look like it.

It's sent in one hit:

> To: apops at apops.net; nanog at nanog.org; routing-wg at ripe.net; afnog at afnog.org;
> ausnog at ausnog.net

...so unless your mail software weeds out messages with the same
message-id, you'll get one copy for each list you're on.


PS. I was asked to post the weekly report here.

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